The family includes:

  • Parent Biatches - MUNGO (momay) and MARAY (daday)
  • Gymnastics Biatch - GRACEH
  • Ninja Biatch - NINJEH
  • Kpop Biatch - REFFO
  • Mermaid Biatch - TANNEH
  • Jonghyun Biatch - AUDREHH
  • Weird Biatch - CAIT


  • They are the conspirators behind the DOW.
  • They go on private chats together a lot.
  • All of them considered making/made a kpop character one time or another.
  • They all wore dresses for the family photoshoot.


  • They're all biatchezzz (like deuh).
  • They were all at the vic wiki at one point or another (except Tanni and Audrey).
  • They vent a lot.
  • They all hate noobs.
  • They all like play torturing each other.
  • They love each other dearly.
  • They love making animal noises.